Any questions? We summarised the most frequent questions and answers about applications, apprenticeships, internships, dual studies and student employment in our FAQ. 

Questions for online application:

How do I apply at HUBER?

Please only apply via the online application form on our career page. Then your application documents reach the responsible person and it is guaranteed that all necessary information and documentation is received.
This ensures an efficient application process and you receive an answer promptly.

What information must be provided with my application?

Please observe that fields marked with * are mandatory fields for submission of your application. The other fields are voluntary. In order to provide a clear depiction of your qualifications and interests, your information should be entered in the application form carefully and exhaustively.

Your personal letter gives your online application a personal character.

What attachments should I include with my application?

In order to check your qualifications for the position, we recommend that you submit the following documents via the online application form:

  • Personal letter (max. one DIN A4 page)
  • Complete curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • Diplomas from school or university (for training: current school certificate)
  • Internship certificates
  • Work certificates
  • Any other relevant certificates 

What should be observed when including attachments?

Please observe that important documents, such as curriculum vitae, certificates, etc. must be included with your application as attachments. The following formats with a maximum file size of 15 MB are permitted: DOC, PDF, JPG, TNP, GIF.

Please refrain from uploading password-protected or write-protected PDF and Word files.

Can I apply for multiple positions at the same time?

Of course. In order to ensure swift and uncomplicated handling, please submit a complete application for each position.

How do I apply for an international position?

In addition to positions at our headquarters, we also offer positions in our worldwide subsidiaries in our online job portal. Please use our online application form for these job listings.
If you would like to submit a speculative application with one of our subsidiaries, we request that you apply there directly. Visit our home page for the contact information. Please observe that application processes may differ between countries.

What does the application process at HUBER look like?

After submission of your application, you receive an automatic confirmation of receipt via email.
Then the human resources and technical department check your application documents and suitable applicants are invited to a job interview.

The duration of this process varied depending on the number of applications. We request your understanding for this and will attempt to keep you informed.

What happens with my personal data?

For all information about the processing and storage of your personal data, refer to our data privacy policy.

Can I also apply directly via email or by post?

Please apply via our online job portal only and refrain from sending applications by email or post.

I do not see any matching positions. Can I also submit a speculative application?

Of course, you can submit a speculative application at any time. Please also use our online application tool in the job portal for this purpose.

Can I pause the application process and resume it later?

Yes, this is possible without loss of data or information.

Questions about apprenticeships at HUBER:

What is the deadline for an internship or a dual study?

Deadline for applications for apprenticeships: 30 September
Deadline for applications for a dual study: 31 October

Can I apply for multiple apprenticeships at the same time?

Yes. If you are still uncertain which education is right for you, you can apply for multiple apprenticeships.
We request that you submit an application specifically for each position.

Questions about introductory internships at HUBER:

Can I learn about multiple positions in a single internship?

Yes. We can introduce you to two occupations in a single introductory internship (1 week).

When can I complete an introductory internship at HUBER?

We offer introductory internships during school holidays. Internships are also possible at times other than holidays. Because capacities are limited, we request your application six months before the desired time.

What attachments should I include with my application for an introductory internship?

The application should include a brief personal letter indicating the desired internship and the time period, as well as a curriculum vitae and current school certificate.

When will I receive a response to my application?

The application will be submitted directly to the human resources department. You will receive a response within a few days indicating whether we can offer you an introductory internship in the desired internship and time period.

Questions about theses and internships at HUBER:

Can I complete my thesis work for my studies at HUBER?

Yes. We offer students the opportunity to complete their bachelor’s or master’s degree while working at our company. Visit our apprenticeship page for more detailed information.

Can I combine an internship with my thesis work?

Yes. We offer positions for thesis work in combination with an internship. Please inform us about this request in your personal letter.

If I do not find any positions for an internship or thesis work in your job openings, can I still submit a speculative application?

Refer to our online job portal for all currently available internships and thesis topics. You can also submit a speculative application. Short-term positions are sometimes available.

Contact information:

Who are my contact persons?

Michael Hiller
Head of Human Resources
Tel.: +49-8462-201-145

Kristina Bergmann
Recruiting for permanent employment
Tel.: +49-8462-201-146

Julia Pöppel
Recruiting for permanent employment
Tel.: +49-8462-201-156
Annalena Krauser
Recruiting & Employer Branding
Tel.: +49-8462-201-142

Katrin Tischner
Recruiting for training, dual study, internship, thesis
Tel.: +49-8462-201-147